Dimensional Hierarchy

Dimensional Hierarchy is a project to explore different element of design and understanding how form and material could help create a hierarchy. Creating dimension for information that is being communicated interested me because it gave a new medium and way of looking at graphic design.

I was following chosen classifications from Aristotle’s Organon, it narrows down how the experiments that are done to decide what I will be scaling up for the exhibition. These classifications are things like quantity, place, and posture. Depending on what words I had decided for the week, they will help decide on how I will go about my experiements. Every week, I experimented, giving myself limits on how many letters to words being used, what classifications I was using, and what kind of message I want it to read. Although they may not clearly show a hierarchy at some points, some of my experiments help decide what kind of techniques I want to push and figure out how it is best used to create a hierarchy.

Dimensional Hierarchy will give the viewers a new experience of how design can be implemented through space, not just through vinyl but dimensionally can change how you perceive the information.