Dimensional Hierarchy


Dimensional Hierarchy is a project to explore different environmental graphics and understanding how form and material could help create a hierarchy. Creating dimension for information that is being communicated interested me because it gave a new medium and way of looking at graphic design. I am following chosen classifications from Aristotle’s Organon, it narrows down how the experiments that are done to decide what I will be scaling up for the exhibition. These classifications are things like quantity, place, and posture. Depending on what words I had decided for the week, they will help decide on how I will go about my experiements. Every week, I experimented, giving myself limits on how many letters to words being used, what classifications I was using, and what kind of message I want it to read. Although they may not clearly show a hierarchy at some points, some of my experiments help decide what kind of techniques I want to push and figure out how it is best used to create a hierarchy. The materials would range from foam board to balloons to fabric. Through experimenting with form, material, and illusions, new ways of thinking and looking at the letterform will help push my own design process. At the end of my process, I will be creating a process book of all the work I had done throughout the semester and three scaled up environmental graphics that will represent different things I experimented with and the spaces it will be placed in. For the process book, I want to allow my viewers to understand why I had chosen the three I am scaling up and how I got to that point in my design. The words and sentences I will be using in my design will relate to the piece itself and how they are being affected based on technique and placement. Dimensional Hierarchy will give the viewers a new experience of how design can be implemented through space, not just through vinyl but dimensionally can change how you perceive the information.